Antique rocking chair c1840 for antique doll Jumeau BRU teddy bear rocking chair

May 22, 2023 – 07:37 am

Antiker Schaukelstuhl um 1840,für Puppen oder Teddybären.

Frühes Puppenmöbel aus Holz,z.T. gedrechselt,schönes Zubehör für Puppenkinder.

Höhe ca.: 30 cm.

Breite ca.: 19 cm.

Tiefe (Sitzfläche) ca.: 17 cm.

Altersgerechter,guter Zustand,mit leichten Alters-u. Gebrauchsspuren,schöne Alterspatina,bitte siehe Fotos. Nicht gereinigt,originaler Zustand.

Garantiert antiker Schaukelstuhl,keine Reproduktion. Hier wird nur der antike Schaukelstuhl angeboten (ohne Puppe,ohne Teddy). Verkauf mit Rechnung.

Gern können Sie den Artikel,nach vorheriger Terminabsprache,bei einem persönlichen Besuch sehen. Auf Wunsch können weitere Fotos per E-Mail zugesendet werden.

Fragen beantworte ich gern,eventuelle Fragen bitte vor dem Bieten stellen.

Versand in Deutschland per DHL-Paket für 6, 90 Euro. Sorgfältigste Verpackung. Artikel wird gegen Feuchtigkeit geschützt. Gerne auch Selbstabholung nach Absprache. Versand weltweit,Versandkosten ins Ausland bitte fragen. Bezahlung bitte per Überweisung,Barzahlung bei Abholung oder PayPal. Bezahlung in Europa möglich per EU-Standard-Überweisung in Euros mit BIC und IBAN Nummer oder Paypal.Hier wird nur der antike Schaukelstuhl angeboten.


Lovely,antique rocking chair,made c1840. Made of wood. Beautiful rocking chair for dolls and teddies.

Height ca.: 30 cm.

In view of the high age the rocking chair is in good condition,with traces of age and use,please see photos. Original condition,without restorations,not cleaned.

Guaranteed antique rocking chair,over 150 years old,no reproduction. Sale with invoice.

Here only the antique rocking chair is offered (doll and teddy are not included).

SHIPPING WORLDWIDE. Please don't hesitate to ask for shipping costs.Careful packing.

Payments: bank transfer,EU-Standard bank transfer in Euros with BIC and IBAN number or PayPal. Sale with invoice. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will be happy to help. Viewing of my objects is always possible as agreed. If you need more photos please just let me know.

MORE ITEMS IN MY OTHER AUCTIONS. There you can find the old teddy bear and much more toys.

WEITERE ARTIKEL IN MEINEN ANDEREN EBAY-AUKTIONEN. Teddys,Porzellankopfpuppen,Puppenzubehör.


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Go for a trying to be refined old west look. Settlers moved out with one piece of fine furniture, but made their bed from local materials. Keep an eye on craigslist. Antique dressers come up from time to time at about $60. Just make sure the doors slide.
I'd throw a rocking chair in there too if you have room. People are always getting rid of those after the baby grows up, so they are pretty reasonable used. I've seen them for about $30. Shoot that puts me over the limit.
You could do the curtains in calico, and put an old quilt on the bed. Calico is pretty cheap at the fabric store, about $2/yard

Baby Furniture

I don't know that what I have is technically an "antique" but here goes....
I have a wooden 'rocking seat' for a baby. The legs are like a rocking chair, bowed and there are four parge springs and a seat with a strap in the middle to seperate the legs and then on the bar that goes across the front there are two bluish/green round wooden things for the baby to play with. There are no marking on it and I can't find it online any place because I'm not exactly sure where to look....or even what to look FOR? Is it a...
Rocking Chair?
Rocking Seat?
Bouncy Chair?
Rocking Bouncy Seat?
I have no idea

You got that right---

Years ago,found "antique stores"in San Francisco,sold "antique"furniture that fell apart,not long after someone sat in it(rocking chair)so that I no longer buy ANY antiques.Since I am not an expert,I know that everyone is trying to sucker me,as to "antiques".You betcha!!!Only thing I know is a real antique,is my last name,haha.

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Nashville, Tennessee's sleepy capital, is a rickety city personalised by the many antique rocking chairs and porches cropping around the area. Country music lovers flock here often on a pilgrimage to the Johnny Cash Museum. Just a short ..

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