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May 17, 2023 – 06:51 am

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Go chairs and couches, that design as
spectacular, modern and attractive with a
excellent comfort, dignity for the body and

The comfort of these chairs and huge
curves form a very suitable to
our eyes, the look going alone.

The Variér rocking chair reminds me of my
grandmother, always sitting in her rocking chair, which
different are the two rockers, one so
such as classical and modern.
Even the name of the rockers is nice:
Pendulum and Actulum.

The Pendulum rocking balances the body when
swings forward and the body
feel more comfortable, modern rocking chair is
upholstered and has a myriad of colors.

The Actulum rocking chair. is as comfortable and
can also upholstered in the color that
suits your tastes.

Varier chairs are of good quality and
curves remain necessary to maintain
the body in its natural position.

If we walk a lot, we always complain about the
chirp, Variér. have some chairs that allow us to
having the feet raised and thus a
complete relaxation.

These chairs hold positions that
conducive to relaxation and where to rely
the body to relax.
They are very functional chairs and armchairs.

Varier chairs. around a table, decorate the table and the dining room, but more importantly, so comfortable sitting is, if you want your friends to do the evening long, seat on a chair Variér.

The dining chairs, the most important thing is to be comfortable, but Varier chairs. are comfortable, modern, design, slim and very pretty.

May combine various upholstery and finishing, adapting to the needs aesthetics.

Variér offers chairs for work, pair the office to the dining room .... and foster a movement that keep our body in its natural state of activity.

Variér is a relatively young Scandinavian firm founded in the summer of 2006, dedicated to the design and manufacture of chairs.

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