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May 25, 2023 – 08:48 am

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I remember weekends, after doing my homework, my father took us all "the ranch", as we called him to an ejido approximately 45 minutes drive from my hometown of Monterrey, Mexico, where he still lived much of the My father's family.

A small plot adorned by those quaint adobe houses and thatched roofs that were cool in summer and warm in winter, same as the swallows used to nest.

Facing one of the houses was a small rocking chair, made by my great uncle, an elderly man who died years after the centennial and while working on "the work", harvesting corn.

I remember after eating, as all healthy children, I just attacked a desire to do something unbearable, an almost uncontrollable desire to run and play, but during midday hours ones where the sun tends to plummet and raise temperature to over 40 degrees Celsius, we were forbidden to play for a moment for fear of sunstroke.

This was literally a punishment for all children who were eager to go out and enjoy the great open field free to interrupt with cars passing soccer matches.

I remember once, a way to vent my energy, I sat in a wooden rocking chair they had in a small semi-covered courtyard of orange trees.

I started flying and pushing me harder and harder while the adults around me just stared at me and continued to enjoy his talk on table, each time was greater the momentum that I took and it seemed that I fell back but recovered vertical just to make more boost and keep trying bring the rocker to the ground.

After a few attempts, I finally managed despair to those who were there present and it was in that moment when my uncle said the following sentence: "The Rocker is a liar, you feel that you move but do not advance anywhere, so go to run, so of lost if you fall, you'll fall as you go from deveras "

Actually, I think many of us rocking in our lives, those moments when we pretend to move or worse, we move, but without advancing nowhere.

One is the concern, the long hours and even days that are dedicated to PRE-deal about something without actually doing anything. These rocking chairs in which we turn just a matter can not be resolved, forward, avoid etc..

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Have any of you been to the Bahamas?

I’ve never been there so I have no idea which parts are the best or really special. I probably won’t be able to plan a trip for a few years (this year we’re spending a fortune sending my son to a filmmaking camp), but if you have any favorite spots, I’d love to hear about them.
This is what I would want:
Peace and quiet in a very warm sunny place
House or cottage right on calm water with perfect snorkeling reefs within swimming distance (We don’t like condos or hotels because too often we can’t enjoy the patio because too many other people smoke on their patios or the nearby bars or traffic is too noisy; we snorkel, but I can’t dive because my ears won’t pop; snorkeling is what I love to do most)
A bath tub, an outside shower, a hammock
Access to good restaurants (I...


The ride from the Hill District to Uptown was a twenty minute drive. It took them thirty minutes because of a stop for coffee and traffic. They all sat in the car silent. Each of them rocking and bouncing on the leather cushion because of the hilly terrain. Linus driving and staring straight ahead breathing hard with his mouth open, holding the steering wheel and a doughnut with his left hand and a Dunkin Donut's cup in the right, taking an occasional sip or bite. Franklin holding the Styrofoam cup on his crotch, his eyes lazily shifting from the road to the steam floating from the aperture in the plastic lid and back to the road

Father of quadruplets, Petoskey's Tierney prepares for Ironman  — Petoskey News-Review
“This is a group that buys rocking chairs for children's hospitals and then they also have assisted families that need help financially,” he said. “Out of the seven Kona Inspired people, the person who raises the most money, the Ironman Foundation will ..

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