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May 5, 2023 – 03:44 am

14 June 14

Like other musicians of the 50,was an icon that influenced the way of playing the guitar and rock and roll.

In the case of the Beatles,the most influential was with John Lennon,since they were the first presentations Quarrymen and the Silver Beatles electrical and during stays in Hamburg,so much so that all issues of Chuck Berry who played in BBC,were voiced by John.

Well,in Mexico,not lost Chuck (I remind you that came to play in Monterrey,NL).

They did all the covers have or might have (so to speak) and not only to their success Johnny B.Goode,but issues such as Maybelline,Memphis,Roll over Beethoven,Rock and Roll music,among others,although,admittedly,many of these issues were versioned in Mexico thanks to Beatles records.

Anyway .... is the list of topics.There will be all,but if the most significant.Greetings: GZ

  • Maybelline - Los Teen Tops (Maybelline)
  • Johnny Come,come - Los Teen Tops (Johnny B. Goode)
  • The Jocker Rock - Los Jockers (Johnny B. Goode)
  • Be good - American Analog Set (Johnny B. Goode)
  • The teenagers - American Analog Set (Sweet little sixteen)
  • I'm a good - Los Teen Tops (School Days)
  • Memphis - The Mathematicians (Memphis,Tennessee)
  • Memphis - Fabricio (Memphis,Tennessee)
  • Memphis - The Gliders (Memphis,Tennessee)
  • Memphis - The Kingsons (Memphis,Tennessee)
  • Memphis - Javier Batiz and The Finks (Memphis,Tennessee)
  • Memphis - The Rebels of Rock (Memphis,Tennessee)
  • Kookie - American Analog Set (Rock and Roll Music)
  • Rocanrol crazy - Enrique Guzman (Rock and roll music)
  • What would Beethoven - The Rockets (Roll over Beethoven)
  • Beethoven by shooting - American Analog Set (Roll over Beethoven)
  • To the beat of Chopin - The Rockers (Roll over Beethoven)
  • Hey Licha - The Summers (Oh Carol)
  • The actor - American Analog Set (Reelin '& rockin')
  • Johnny Come Come - Black Cats (Johnny B. Goode)-Spain-
  • My Little Queen - The Viking Boys (Little Queenie)
  • Sweet 16 - The Wizards (Sweet little sixteen)

PS: Be sure to see the website of Chuck Berry: .Also,check out this blog from where I took the first picture:.


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