Rocker n. 1 of Brendan Gallagher

May 11, 2023 – 05:10 am

This rocking chair has been designed by the architectural firm Canadian in particular by a student in design Brendan Gallagher ,who currently has not yet graduated.His first project is this special and beautiful rocking chair that has already made him famous,the chair has the name of Rocker No.1,which is made of walnut wood,wire mesh woven fabric and true to the seat cushion,it looks like a classic chair in the making.

For this project,explains that Brendan was commissioned to create a piece of furniture according to the style and quality design particularly fashionable.

He starred in a chair that could perfectly fit a house in modern style.The chair is inspired to a series of schematic lines,with a structure and a style that tends to be particularly relaxing,the choice of the mesh has in itself a certain interest thus defining a line and a light and airy structure.The idea that the chair is highly dynamic,almost sound is its movement,wrapped in a modern style and a little retro.


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ther kids watching rocking chair
ther kids watching rocking chair

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Furniture Making & Sales - Kids Rocking Chair -
Furniture Making & Sales - Kids Rocking Chair - ...
Spring Rocker Fish - Play Evolution Playground Equipment
Spring Rocker Fish - Play Evolution Playground Equipment
Telescope Casual Furniture Telescope Casual High Back Folding Rocking Arm Beach Chair, Forest Green
Lawn & Patio (Telescope Casual Furniture)
  • Made in the usa
  • Light weight and attractive folding rocking chair you will enjoy a smooth/ effortless rock for years to come folding feature makes it easy to transport and store
  • Solid wood armrests add attractive contrast
  • High back and seat height offers additional comfort with weather resistant fabric
  • Overall dimensions 25-inch width by 36-inch overall h seat height 16-inch

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