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May 5, 2023 – 03:44 am

IMG_8053 I like to travel, but never seriously studied their own good in Taiwan.

It is still a lot in Taiwan allows us to explore the place.

If you're like me and Xiao Bian is in seventh grade, then you will not do not know who is standing in front of us the origins of the big guy.IMG_8033

I actually did not expect to be able to live long enough to meet his deity

. If you come to Tainan Madou, it can not forget Totoro "good" in this "inside."

It is standing obediently before the bus stop to greet How about you!

We now come to find out exactly why chinchillas will show up in Tainan Jiali this small town full of human right.

一定能夠驚見這一隻龐然大物. Came to Tainan, along Madou provincial highway in the direction towards Yukari, if your eyes big enough, we can only Alarmed by this monster.IMG_8126

High Juzhaojiubei, as if being told to come for you do not forget to drink it!

"Little Angel appeared: What are you talking stink bread , Obviously is to warn you "never drink and drive, do not drink driving."

Do not mislead the public good. They do not like you, then drink.IMG_8054 "

Bread: I! I am! How can I ~ I ~ I love to drink and it did not work when it will just drink a little bit ~

You know, the design inspiration comes from workers ..........

(Secretly to the side of the Macallan ing it up )

See the gorillas, it means you are close to the target hug.

Can not rush rush yo!

This farm seems to be designed by a worker who dreams established restaurant.

Slightly look a bit and found the boss bread and perhaps, like me,

Also the name space design workers, his idea is very special.

But do not worry, I do not worry about him rob Xiaobian my job, because he has a switch that operates this restaurant.

With the entrance of the train Ying bong, let us slowly enjoying this space.

This restaurant is very special idea, let bread reminds me of the time when the idea of a technical college exam topic "nostalgia."

Perhaps you are also seen elsewhere in the introduction of this restaurant, mostly mining Travels introduces ways,

This time let the bread with the perspective of design workers between the introduction of a single bar in this restaurant.

If you are a childhood height in the city's urban children, or eight graders after posterior segment class friends,

Here will be a kind of a very pleasant feeling.

For the seventh grade former friends, some more lasting impression.

Tainan is the kind of impression quaint nostalgic,

The design here is indeed the case,

Designers will be abandoned train cars and related accessories, and build out of this otherwise retro-style homes.

Unlike the ........

He will also give a modern civilization into which biological,

Is it!

And he! From small to large have been abandoned to me friend!

Here seems to be gradually let into the nostalgia from the modern era space magic.

Use typified characteristics, coupled with the kind of Tainan itself gives humane feelings,

The building is set like this again, but right up.

Here you can comfortably in this position, sitting rocking chair, eating meals.

You can also do field where small gatherings. Here are a BBQ place, so that we can enjoy fun carnival here.

IMG_5231 IMG_8128 IMG_8073 IMG_8063

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It is so odd

Because he is very modern and stylish. I imagine his apartment filled with cool art and cool furniture.
But she shows up and fills it with all this CRAP, old lady CRAP. Bad art from Target and furniture from Sears.
What on earth would a 32 year old single man need a fucking rocking chair for?????
She does not even ask him what HE wants. She just takes over.

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