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August 27, 2013 – 15:38

Garden Furniture


With the arrival of summer we find the pleasure of going out on the porch, on the terrace, in the garden. We anticipate the moments that you spend with family, with friends or in blissful solitude. And we think about how to make our open spaces more beautiful and welcoming even on occasions like those of a lunch or a dinner around a table laden.
"Coming home and being on holiday" is the message that the Group Flover, for more than 30 years, offers cosily and innovative to those who want to find different proposals: from the most classic products to the lines and cutting-edge materials.
In his four outlets (Bussolengo, Verona, Affi and Desenzano), Flover offers a range of outdoor furniture (which reflect the increasing trend of design as much as those for internal) ranging from tables, coffee tables, chairs and lounges , beds and chairs, solutions to protect from the wind and sun, from flooring to swimming pools, lighting, from barbecues to games for children.
Made with quality materials and unalterable, but at the same time practical and light, are selected privileging strength and quality as will be tested by wind, sun and rain.
In a frame of absolute charm and hospitality, Flover presents a collection of the most extensive and interesting also from the economic point of view, and above all, READY FOR DELIVERY.
There are always interesting deals and promotions that await you.

Complete with tables and chairs

exotic wood (teak from the FSC, the balustrade, the kerouing, acacia, eucalyptus), also combined with more unusual materials such as aluminum, steel or batyline, synthetic fiber, iron (both in the modern lines and in the most romantic), natural stone or resin, an offer that meets every requirement from the balcony, to the pergola in larger spaces.

Comfortable lounges

of various sizes and designs, complete with cushions for outdoor mostly removable and waterproof. Here the style is accompanied by a careful selection of materials for the most classics have been privileged wrought iron, for the most modern hand-woven synthetic fiber, aluminum and texilene.


Comfortable armchairs chairs, benches and trunks cushion support, swings and hammocks, sun loungers. Wide range of cushions for outdoor adaptable to all sessions.


Gas, charcoal, lava rock, wood and Electric: international brands such as Weber, OUTDOORCHEF, Barbecook, BST, to satisfy every desire and request.
More and more health conscious person troveretele the latest news regarding the same cooking food with interesting culinary events.


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