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Rocking chairs with style

A rocking chair is a decorative accessory that looks good in any decor. No matter where you live, there is nothing like a rocking chair to relax, watch TV and read a book, whether inside or outside of your home, a beautiful porch. The rocking chairs can be for adults or children with a wide variety of styles, from classical to more seats to the most modern. The materials used, these chairs can be made of various materials (wood, iron, wicker, fabric, leather, plastic ...) and have a variety of colors (brown, black, green, white, blue, orange ...) for that If they can match different decorating styles .

Placed a rocking chair on a porch or balcony is a perfect decoration accessory for seasons spring and summer because it fits the style of building their homes and the type of decoration adopted. It is essential to have the good taste to make a good framework.

Rocking chairs for adults

The variety of rocking chairs for adults is great. There are chairs for everyone, style, colors, materials, purpose, number of people, among others. Some chairs are common, but others are true works of classical and modern art. Some support for the feet and legs, others bring a little light applied to a support, for those who like to read while he swings. There are individual chairs and those that incorporate the space of two or three people. However, the ultimate in rocking chairs is an ultra-modern chair (photo qiue following which, swings, produces enough energy to light a LED on the chair applied with a thin support.

Chaise berçante moderne nother Modern rocking chair

Rocking chairs for children

C haise a switch for children is also a perfect piece to give as a gift to their children. But there are also rocking chairs that allow you to place your children or grandchildren at his side, while listening to a story before going to sleep or watch your favorite show on TV. The models vary. While some will allow you to place a child at hand, allow you to place the other two. Models that allow you to place two children, one on each side, are ideal for those who have twins or triplets, even, placing one on each side and the third round.

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Fixing an old rocking chair (x-post from crafts)

i bought a really nice old vintage modern rocking chair off EBAY. the wood needs a good refinishing and / or polish.
hoping to get some input on the following!!
--how do i know if i need to refinish vs. polish?
--what polish should i buy? (it's a dark wood, but i'm not sure what kind. looks like walnut, but could be oak w/a dark finish?)
--how do i refinish it?
and a question re: the vinyl on it...there are a couple cigarette burnt holes in the vinyl. is there a way to fix vinyl?

What do you call a chair for the living room

That would take the function of a lazy boy.
Anyone have ideas of a piece of furniture that takes this function that looks mid-century, perhaps slightly modern that does NOT look like a regular lazy boy?
Might consider a rocking chair. Needs to be comfortable but not into the jabba the hut couch potato look.

Fun poll: which luxury items would you choose?

I know most of us here cannot afford $1k cribs and strollers, but we can dream right???
1. Crib - Stokke Sleepi or Oeuf Classic?
Stokke Sleepi:
Oeuf Classic:
2. Crib - Stokke Xplory or Bugaboo Cameleon?
Stokke Xplory - (is that Betty Draper dressed for riding???)
Bugaboo Cameleon - stroller of the stars:
3. Decor - Land of Nod or Pottery Barn?
Land of Nod Morning Zoo:
Pottery Barn Jungle Friends:

You still might be able to confirm...

I'll admit, it looks exactly like some of the Stickley rocking chairs I've seen:
You probably could confirm by taking exact measurements of the chair, and then checking those against known examples.
For starters, there are a number of Stickley rocking chairs illustrated on the web, for instance:
(Very close match):
More can be found by going to, and typing in -- Stickley rocking chair -- or Stickley "rocking chair" (with quotes

Yank royalty: 7 outrageous American castles  — CNN
Spect: Within its eight-foot-high, three-foot-thick walls, Coral Castle uses approximately 1,100 tons of coral rock -- including a stone sculpture garden with Flintstones-style furniture (500-pound rocking chairs that work), a nine-ton gate that moves ..

Pastafarian student allowed to wear pasta strainer on head for driver's ..  — Daily Caller
A guy named Bobby Henderson concocted it (along with the Spaghetti Monster, the belief that pirates are gods and much else) while he was fighting against the inclusion of intelligent design in Kansas public schools. “It was created as a form of satire ..

ZUMA the highchair
ZUMA the highchair

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